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The whiskey was not a gentleman's drink. He'd chosen precisely so- there would be no mistaking his intent. This was not for flavor, this was antiseptic.
The honest liquid crashed down his throat, burning a collision course with the vile bile rising to meet it. He winced, but only in the manliest of ways, he would assure you. Not that it mattered. Not that any of it did.

It all came down to Gotye. Motherfucking Gotye, the pop poet of the now. That artistic little bastard with his abominable word truths and pipeline to what was happening. That song, with it's words written with intent and, now, sung with whiskey breath, was truth and introspection and shades of gray. And it stung.

She was pretty, you see, but not perfect. She reminded him a good bit of his car, actually- once out of his range, but now with enough miles under the hood that not only should she be attainable, but he wouldn't look out of place with the keys. Still a goer, though, that one is. Perfect weight distribution and handling, decent efficiency and all the luxury appointments. Heck, no one can believe the model year, either, as she's kind of timeless.

Pardon the author. He just realized e.e. cummings is rolling over in his grave. He'll find a less offensive metaphor now.

She was smart and funny and open. Slightly dark, afraid to be still and with the right amount of baggage- enough to be interesting (and flawed! it's like a door ding that drops the asking price!) but not so much that TLC couldn't fix most, with the rest written off as giving her "character". And, oh boy, a looker. If you saw her at a traffic light, you'd glance, trust me. The chassis has amazing lines, the headlights...

Dammit, sorry. That damn metaphor will not stop, as much as the author wishes it would.

Back in a moment. More whiskey.


Back to Gotye. As many times as he has heard it, the author knows you have too.

Now and then I think of when we were together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could die
Told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company
But that was love and it's an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end, always the end

Right. From. His. Brain. The last part, especially, as a summation of 10 years of overly abusive self analysis. You can and do get addicted to martyrdom. It's a mental trap, assigning importance to what you do while removing any chance of succeeding at it. But that first part was dangerous, too.


They'd had dinner and drinks and laughs. Mostly the latter two, two be truthful. They'd been spending time together lately, as he was free and she was available. The usual things had been said, the you-understand-me's and the I-always-feel-better-with-you's. The why-can't-more-people-be-as-awesome-as-us' and the you-make-me-feel-safe's. Then he said it, vodka fueled and honest.

"Would you like to date me?"

"We'll talk about that later... I need sleep."


So, the Gotye, and why this isn't, truthfully, ALL his fault. She needed a ride, providing the perfect timing for talk. He jumped at the chance, looking forward to resolution. The radio was on, providing a cover noise while he built to the question. Then, Gotye.

"I love this song- my friend just emailed it to me!"

"Me,too" he says. "It's been rattling in my brain for weeks now."

"Yeah- Michelle thought I'd really like it. It's amazing how everyone thinks it's about just a bad break up, but if you read the lyrics closely, it's really about two people who tried to force something that wasn't there. Like, they'd have been better off just leaving it alone..."

He started to think of all the possible ways to argue the interpretation, when he realized the thing about art- it doesn't always show you what the artist intended, but it always shows you what you are looking to see.

And that was the death of the conversation, and another little bit of him.


The whiskey burned, the less than subtle hint of kerosene reminding him of why he was here. He was here because, as smart as he can be, he knows no other way.

The author wishes to apologize, as certain details here are manufactured. Primarily the fact that he is out of whiskey and drinking rum. Everything else fucking happened.

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